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Discover ARCÂNA

Handmade Tech Jewellery & More

Arcâna is born to reach the pursuit of authentic, exclusive handcrafted tech jewellery and accessories. Each design has the soul of fresh harmonic blue & white of Bodrum with the mesmerizing Bosphorus view of Istanbul, since the brand has born between these two fascinating places. Thus, all pieces are joyful as Bodrum and timeless as Istanbul. Mainly sophisticated designs are made of natural stones, pearls, glass, and more therefore, each piece is unique and poetic.


It is founded by a dreamer and a seeker for the mystery of life, which makes “arcana” the perfect fit for its name of origin: secrets. The brand nourishes from nature, cultures, people, art, fashion, and so much more, in other words, every aspect of life. Therefore, all designs come to exist with a soul will make you feel exclusive and hope to bring good luck in your everyday life. Arcâna is a journey of filling pieces of presence secret with harmony and wonders to grow up by expanding itself in other aspects of design going further.

Özet Doku
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